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2594 E Bengal Blvd
Cottonwood Heights, UT, 84121
United States


Bicycle Programs

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Bicycle Programs

Grow With ME

Keeping your child on the correct size bike keeps them riding, and we recognize that it can be expensive to continue to buy new bikes every time they have a growth spurt. We want to help you keep them riding. 

Purchase any kids bicycle (between 12" and 24" wheel size) and when they grow out of the bike, you can bring it back and we will credit you up to 30% of the original purchase price toward the purchase of a new bike!

Drivetrain Upgrade Program

Whether you have a drivetrain that is tired and worn, or if you are just looking for more performance from your ride, we've got the deal for you. Trade in your old, complete drivetrain (shifters, derailleurs, brakes, crank, bottom bracket and chain), and we'll give you 15% off a Competitive Cyclist mail order website price! 

Bring your bike in, we'll help you figure out the right spec for your bike and your needs, and we can even remove the old drivetrain, clean your bike, install and dial in your new set up (labor may apply).

Community Involvement

Chain Recycling

Sponsor of

     Sprocket Rockets - Middle School Competitive Mountain Biking Team

     Brighton High School Lacrosse 

     Bike MS

     Other events - as a free support mechanic!